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Your home is a reflection of your personality and I’m not just talking about the way you decorate the interior. The style, size, shape, and materials are the bones of your house, so what do they say about you? Colonial homes tell folks you’re traditional and orderly; victorian homes say you’re romantic and ornate; dome homes––they say you’re the smartest person in the neighborhood. Don’t believe me?

A monolithic dome can be so much more than you imagine. From a one room glamping getaway in the mountains to a multi storied family home on the coast, these structures can be anything you want them to be. Not only do you have unlimited possibilities for the function of your build, you will also end up with a structure that surpasses all others in durability and efficiency. With a dome home, you’ll be the most talked about house on the block, but only for the best of reasons.


Monolithic structures have a lot of advantages over traditional construction. Arches are used in architecture to span longer distances and support heavier loads than squared off designs. Where a stick frame home needs columns or bearing walls to support the roof, a dome supports itself, leaving you a natural (and structurally sound) open floor plan. Very few materials are needed to form the dome, as it is cast from a single pour of concrete, which means fewer workers and less equipment so you end up saving money. Construction is fast and structures can be outfitted with many traditional external facades such as stone or brick to match your preferred style.

Many people worry about how to divide the interior of a rounded shape, thinking there will be lost spaces that can’t be used for anything. Without good planning, this could happen, but properly trained engineers, architects, and designers know how to work within the form to give you maximum space, functionality, efficiency, and of course style.


Speaking of efficiency, not only did you save money on your construction costs, but now you also get to save money on your utility bills. The way your house absorbs and releases heat is due to both the insulating power of the materials and the amount of surface area where this exchange can take place. Domes have 30% less surface area than squared buildings mean it takes that much less to heat and cool them. They also circulate air better than other designs without the need for mechanical systems. Small details such as strategic window placements will harness the power of nature to bring in or vent heat. This thermal efficiency is what makes domes the perfect house for any climate or environment. Seriously, ANY environment.

A monolithic concrete dome is one of the most durable structures ever conceived. Are there earthquakes where you live? Your house won’t even rattle. Tornadoes or hurricanes have you worried? High winds are deflected around the dome, reducing wind speed and stress load. Concrete won’t burn if there’s a fire, nor will it sustain water damage from flooding. All of this combined means very little home maintenance and long lasting durability. (Plus lower rates on your homeowners insurance!)


If you’re considering a custom build for your next house, it’s well worth giving monolithic domes a second look. Whether it’s a ski chalet in Breckenridge or you want to crown your house with something whimsical like an army helmet, the perfect dome for your personality and needs is waiting to be built.