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Building your dream home is no small feat. It involves architects, engineers, designers, general contractors, and more to see it realized. However, before you start lining up workers and materials to build your new home, you need a plan for them to work from! Blueprints are absolutely critical to any building project, and it’s important that they’re drawn properly. There are three professionals that typically draw home blueprints: Draftsmen, Architects, and Structural Engineers. While each offers advantages in their own rights, engineers are particularly important when designing a custom home. At PSE Consulting Engineers, our structural engineers can make sure that your home’s blueprints are correctly drawn, up to code, and designed for you. 

Designing Your Home

While architects help with the overall design of your homes, such as how many rooms and the general aesthetic, structural engineers make sure that it stands. An engineer creates plans for your home’s structural integrity, from the foundation up. Their design includes the framing, foundation, and roof to maximize efficiency and ensure that your home can stand the test of time. Employing just a draftsman or architect will help with elements such as the size, ceiling height, and other design elements, but an engineer provides the construction details that are critical to the longevity of your home.

Making Sure It’s Safe

A roof over your head is only useful if it’s safe. There are a lot of factors that go into building a home, and a mistake in one can result in the entire house coming down. Your house needs to be able to withstand everything nature has to offer, from heavy rain and snow to high-speed winds or seismic activity. Structural engineers take all this into consideration and make changes and suggestions accordingly. These suggestions may include the materials of the home, the architectural design, or even the cardinal orientation.

Keeping It Up To Code

Building codes exist for a reason. They’re in place to ensure that homes reach the minimum safety standards necessary. A structural engineer’s design makes sure that your home adheres and will continue to adhere to all applicable building codes. Due diligence in the planning stage can save you time and money as the project progresses. The last thing you want when building a home is a missed error causing your project to go over budget and past schedule. 

Final Inspection

A structural engineer is with you the whole way, from inception to completion. Once the finishing touches have been put in place, the engineer is the one to do the final walkthrough, to ensure that the home is safe to move into. Your custom home should be everything you want and more. While there are several professionals who are necessary to help you achieve it, none provide such a complete service as a structural engineer. At PSE, our structural engineers can help you bring your idea of a perfect home to life. Contact us today to learn more!