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You might want a custom home for year-round living, a little weekend escape in the woods, or a place for the kids to hang out in a fun space all their own. No matter your reasons, building a treehouse can be a great opportunity to expand your imagination and have some fun while ending up with a unique project that exceeds your expectations. How do you design and build a custom treehouse home?

Step 1

You call PSE Consulting Engineers, of course! We have experience building treehouses of all sorts. For anyone looking to build a custom treehouse home, we start with a consultation. We’ll discuss the property where you want to build the treehouse or help guide you on what to look for in a property if you haven’t purchased land for your custom home yet.

Step 2

Tree selection is next and is perhaps the most important step in building a custom treehouse home. Trees should be sturdy with a good amount of prospective load-bearing limbs and trunks. Because no two properties are exactly alike, there is no standard configuration for how many trees, how far apart, etc. Another aspect to consider is the view. An arboreal escape overlooking a beautiful scene can enhance the joy you find in your custom treehouse home.

Step 3

Once the trees have been selected, it’s time to design the house to fit amongst them. We’ll consult with you on your preference for the number of rooms, types of amenities, and more to make sure everything you want in a custom treehouse home is included. The layout of the house is where the true marriage between design and nature happens. Many treehouse owners desire this type of custom home because they enjoy the harmony of fitting into nature, rather than disrupting it. Your custom treehouse home will be designed to flow with the shapes, distances, and waves of the treetops.

Step 4

The team at PSE Consulting Engineers works with designers and architects during the drafting process to ensure that what you envision will be safe and sturdy for daily use for years to come. We also make sure to incorporate as many green building materials and practices into your treehouse as desired (or possible). Our engineers will often plan to use the surrounding, native resources of your property, and they can do so without excavating the area. 

Step 5

Once all plans are finalized and approved, it’s time to start building. PSE Consulting Engineers can help in every part of the custom home building process. From initial design to construction management, we have the expertise you need to get your treehouse home off the ground and looking and functioning exactly as you imagine.

Step 6

Enjoy! Owning a custom treehouse home is a wonderful experience and can fit any lifestyle. For many, a treehouse is a throwback to childhood, while others feel a deep desire to attune to nature. There are no bad reasons to build a custom treehouse home. Start designing yours with PSE Consulting Engineers when you contact us today!