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Solar Energy

Benefits of Solar Power

  • Solar Energy provides high quality energy solutions.
  • There are areas which power lines can’t reach. Solar Panels can.
  • When using Solar Panels, less pollution occurs.
  • The Solar Industry is still growing in the United States of America.
  • With Fossil Fuels growing in price, the demand for Solar keeps going up.
  • Eco-systems benefit from Solar Panels
  • Most solar panels can be placed on top of roof, saving space around the home.
  • The earth constantly revolves around the sun, making Solar Panels a possibility to be placed throughout the Earth.
  • Solar Panel Construction is much more affordable and safe than laying the required high voltage wires.
  • Using Solar Panels can result in a Tax Credit.
  • Energy from Solar Panels produces little to no noise.
  • Very little maintenance is required when operating Solar Panels.

Private Residence: KF213-20000, Jennifer Massey, Private Residence, OR, Jordan

Private Residence: KF213-20001, Jennifer Massey, Jouis Galen Residence, Rancho Mirage, CA, Sarah

Infrastructure: Spier 214-3 AT&T Modular Solar Frame, USA, RMH