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Tour a Modular Home Factory


It is a great idea to take a tour of a modular factory, or to visit a show room/place/village where several modular homes are displayed.

Unlike site-built homes, which begin with exterior framing and roofing, modular homes are built from high-quality materials framework. Because of the need to protect against damage during transportation, additional 25% of framing materials is used. This is in addition to many hardware like steel straps and connectors such as Simpson connectors

Shipping-Container-Apartment-Structural Engineering

Modular construction starts with the floor framing, and continues with the wall framing, electrical and plumbing and then insulation. Windows and doors come next. Some manufacturers have their homes completely finished from the inside and the outside, while others have finished from the inside only. Both will have the fixtures and cabins installed. To find the closest modular factory to you, give us a call today.

Shipping-Container-Apartment-Structural Engineering