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  • The Modular Home, State-of-the-Art Construction, Superior Quality, Save Time & Money, Hundreds of Design Options, Perfect for New Homes & Additions, Custom-Built to Fit Your Dream, By Andrew Gianino. (In my opinion, this is the best book on modular homes)
  • Modular Home Buyer’s Guide 2nd Edition January 2005, by Randall Eaton, Learn How to Save Thousands before You Buy!
  • Pre-Fab Modern by Jill Herbers.
  • Modular House Design, The Key to Complete Construction Efficiency by Frederick Uhlen Hop
  • Best designed, Modular houses by Martin Nicholas Kunz, and Michelle Galindo.
  • Modular Mansions, By Sheri Koones.
  • Pre-Fab, by Allison Arieff and Bryan Burkhart.
  • The Prefabricated Home, by Colin Davies.
  • Prefab Green, by Michelle Kaufmann/Catherine Remick.
  • Pre-Fab Now, by James Grayson and Ray Cha.