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Panelized Homes


What is a panelized home?

Panelized homes are a form of prefabricated homes, that are constructed from factory-built wall panels. Panelized homes are constructed/manufactured in a factory and then transported to the construction site, where it will be constructed very similar to a wood framed home. Although panelized homes are mainly constructed in a factory, they are still subject to local, State and Federal building code requirements and must be inspected.

Advantages of panelized homes

The idea behind panelized homes is to cut down the cost of site built labor, as most everything will be finished and ready to build immediately on the site, with all of the materials included.  In some cases these panelized homes can be built in a matter of days, not including the site work.  This is a huge advantage, because you don’t have to worry about weather delays or other factors that can come into play when construction is delayed.

Panelized Home Engineering

PSE Consulting Engineers has many years of experience with prefab homes as well as panelized homes.  Our experience in panelized home engineering helps to cut down on construction costs, along with a smooth process when working side by side with the manufacturer.  It helps tremendously to work with a firm that has experience with panelized homes, because the process is a bit different compared to a typical stick framed home.