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Modular Design


Modular Home Design

Modular Homes are built at a factory and moved to the building site piece by piece, Having each piece of your home manufactured off-site reduces overall construction costs and waste. At PSE Consulting Engineers, we have years of experience with sustainable building projects, many of which are featured in our blog. Our team of modular structural engineers work with any kind of structure or material, including shipping containers, Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs), light gauge steel, straw or tile bales, and much more!


If you’re looking to build a modular or prefab home, design can be a powerful tool and such is the case in the new movement of modernist modular houses. The new modulars can be efficient and affordably designed with the intention of being green and sustainable, making the bland, cookie-cutter, thin-walled, toxic, mobile and prefab homes so, so yesterday. Modular design is also open to a variety of styles, from ultra-modern to mountain cabin and the adaptability for a modular to be eco-friendly stems partially from the very nature of its climate-controlled manufacturing. Coffee shops are also another popular use for this building style.


Modulars are designed as a conventional home but created so they can be sliced into components for ease of transport and construction.