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Modular Design

Modular Home Design

Modular homes are built at a factory and moved to the building site piece-by-piece. Modular homes are designed as a conventional home but created so they can be sliced into components for ease of transport and construction, which reduces waste and minimizes costs. At PSE Consulting Engineers, we have years of experience with sustainable building projects, many of which are featured in our blog. If you’re looking to build a modular or prefab home, design can be a powerful tool and such is the case in the new movement of modernist modular houses. The new modulars can be efficient and affordably designed with the intention of being green and sustainable. Modular design is also open to a variety of styles, from ultra-modern to mountain cabin and the adaptability for a modular to be eco-friendly stems partially from the very nature of its climate-controlled manufacturing. Coffee shops are also another popular use for this building style.


Why build Modular?

There are several reasons why modular homes and modular buildings have become so popular for new and seasoned homeowners across the country.

Many believe that lower the cost is the main reason to build modular, but surprisingly, lower costs are only a secondary consideration. Modular homes take a shorter time for construction compared with site-built homes. This is due to the fact that while the modular home is being built in the factory, another crew is building the foundation at the same time. While it takes a year or more, to build a site-built home, it takes from three to eight months to build a modular home. This depends on the complexity of the modular building. Modular home construction is not delayed by rain, snow or extreme cold or hot weather. Also, modular homes are excellent choices for areas of short construction seasons such as wet climate locations.

Read on to discover why PSE Consulting Engineers, LLC can guide you to a modular home that will fulfill all of your needs!


Our Top 5 Reasons to Choose a Modular Home or Building:

  • Modular homes are built from the best quality lumber, and are protected in the factory controlled environment. In contrast, on-site houses are typically built from average quality lumber and are open to rain and/or snow during construction. This can cause wood to warp or swell, leading to a lifetime of structural and mold problems.
  • Modular manufacturers offer skilled craftsmen steady employment and benefits, resulting in a consistent skilled labor force. You will have no worries about delays relating to inexperienced or tardy labors as your home is nestled within the factory confines.
  • With additional insulation and precision craftsmanship, modular homes and commercial modular buildings are significantly more energy efficient. Your utility bills will be far less expensive and save you more money throughout the life of your modular home.
  • Factory inspections cover every construction detail of modular homes, which are built to the strictest codes (International Building code, IBC and the International Residential Code, IRC)
  • Faster use. You can choose a brand new inventory of modular homes that is already built and move it on to your land in a matter of weeks. Enjoy your new home sooner rather than later!

More Benefits for Modular Home Owners

  • Faster Loan approvals, especially for modular homes
  • Less costly design and engineering needed for modular homes.
  • Guaranteed price for modular homes.
  • A better return on investment when using modular homes

More benefits For Contractors/ Investors

  • It is easier to manage modular home construction with less trade involved.
  • Less weather damage as most of the construction is already completed by the modular manufacturer.
  • Less danger of construction fires with modular construction since most of the sheet-rock is already installed.
  • Less costly job-site payrolls as the majority of it is already paid by the modular manufacturer who pays a lower rate than a site-built manufacturer.
  • Less costly worker’s compensation insurance.
  • Less costly job site inspection as most of it is already done in the modular manufacturer facilities.
  • Less costly punch-list procedures.
  • Faster use, faster income for modular homes.