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Transition from Wood to Light Gauge / Cold-formed Steel

Some of the reasons framers can switch to light gauge steel without a major transition are that: wood-to-steel-004_0029

  • A steel house is framed much like a wood-framed house. Framer still uses studs and floor joists at 16 to 24 inches on centers.
  • Plywood or Oriented Strand Board (OSB) can be attached to the light gauge steel framing such as walls, floor and roof with pneumatic nails similar to the way they are attached to wood framing.
  • Basically, stick-for-stick, you can replace each of the wood framing members with light gauge steel member.
  • Light gauge steel header is much easier to build than a wood header, especially if an L-shaped header is used.
  • Studs and joist comes with pre-punched holes that make installation of the electrical and plumbing installation much easier.
  • Light gauge steel studs and joists are straighter with more accurate dimensions than lumber. This makes it easier to install and to attach sheathing for walls, floor and roof.