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Framing Design for Home Construction


steel4For more than 100 years, cities and skylines have been erected with steel. Time after time, steel’s reliability, durability, structural integrity, safety, and consistency have been proven. Today, however, steel has progressed past the world of commercial construction and is now is used by homebuilders across the nation.

Light Gauge/ Cold-formed Steel Framing Design for Home Construction

Use of light gauge/ cold-formed steel framing in the residential market has increased over the past years. Light Gauge/ Cold-formed steel price stability, consistent quality, similarity to conventional framing, successes in the commercial market, and more resistance to fire, rot and termites have attracted the attention of builders and home owners. Homeowners can enjoy large, open floor plans, straighter walls, quieter partitions, and easier electrical and mechanical installation with light gauge/ cold-formed steel framing.

Light gauge steel/Cold-formed steel framing design for home construction is another way to build an environmentally friendly home. Cold-formed steel is safe and green. Builders benefit from light gauge/ cold formed steel consistency, lighter weight, and ease of construction. Homeowners enjoy its durability, superior construction, and flexible building options. Light gauge steel framing design for home construction is making a breakthrough. In an era where the environment is taking center stage, architects, contractors, and homeowners are looking for environmentally friendly building options while also saving money.

Light Gauge/ Cold-formed Steel Framing Design for Home Construction

Steel happens to be the number one recycled material in North America. Cold formed steel beats out aluminum, plastic, and glass. Each ton of recycled steel saves 1,400 to 2,500 lbs of iron. Using recycled steel decreases the need to mine and decreases pollution and save our forests.