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Fabric Shelters on Ecology Blocks

For additional height for fabric structures or if its desirable to have strong retaining wall at the bottom, fabric structures/shelters could be installed on Ecology Blocks,

Ecology Blocks

Ecology Blocks are large concrete blocks, which are manufactured from left-over or unused concrete. Concrete that, in years gone by would have been dumped and wasted or hauled to a landfill site, is saved and turned into a useful construction product, hence the term Ecology Block. At PSE Consulting Engineers, we understand how useful these concrete blocks can be.

Ecology Blocks can be used in a variety of ways, from aesthetic to structural. They are a great way to solidify hillsides, hold back dirt, or enhance outdoor spaces. Built with a tongue and groove design, they are stacked together to create a permanent structure or can be easily dismantled and reused. 

Featuring a strong, single-piece construction, ecology blocks are rugged and durable, perfect for a range of applications. They can be used to quickly form a storm water conveyance or similar barrier to reduce flooding and offer seamless, watertight construction for water management. They are tough enough to protect against potential landslides and can be stacked to create sound barriers for highways. They can give additional height to temporary structures such as stages and fabric and can create a strong retaining wall at the bottom. They are also available in a variety of shapes, from rectangles to ellipses. 

The blocks are cast into either a half block or a full block and use nearly a half or a full yard of concrete respectively. The dimensions for these blocks are 2’ X 2’ X 3’ for a half block and 2’ X 2’ X 6’ for a full block. Each block is cast with a 3” radius tongue and groove, for interlocking stability, in stacking applications. The full blocks weigh approximately 3850 lbs and the half blocks are 1900 lbs. There is a picking eye of #5 rebar located in the spacing between the tongues at the top of each block. This picking eye is suitable for loading, unloading, and for placing the blocks with a crane or backhoe capable of lifting and moving 4000 lbs, in the case of a full block.

For more information on ecology blocks or if you have any additional questions, please contact PSE Consulting Engineers today for more information.