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Air Supported Shelters

  • Air supported buildings are held upright by air, not columns, therefore there are no obstructions whatsoever throughout the building, allowing the user to create any activity necessary under a controlled environment.
  • Air supported fabric structures are used for the enclosure of commercial, industrial and recreational facilities.
  • An Air-Supported Facility is an engineered building, formed by one or more layers of continuous flexible membranes anchored to the ground or to a wall so that a leak-proof seal is constituted. This airtight structure is then inflated and pressurized by the constant supply of air.
  • In an air supported structure, the skin is stressed to take the load by a slight positive pressure within the building. Often the stress is relieved from the fabric by a series of cables, or Cable Grid, to transfer the loads to the foundation. The fabric and Cable Grid acts as a frame, but does so with tension rather than compression. Therefore, loads on the foundation are uplift in all cases. Air supported structures have three main cable grid types: radial, low bias, and full bias.


This advantage gives the user the flexibility to use the facility for seasonal activities, therefore installing and uninstalling the facility throughout the year, regardless of size.