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Roof Options for Earthbag Buildings

green-homes-earthbag-002_0065For small round/circular earthbag homes/buildings, an earthbag dome for the roof is practical. However, when the span of the roof becomes big, or the building is not circular, a framed roof is recommended.

Examples of framed roof are:

  • Roofs for earthbag buildings could be done with any type of construction material used for other types of construction such as:
  • Lumber rafters or lumber trusses.
  • Timber beams
  • Log rafters and log trusses
  • Bamboo rafters and trusses
  • Light gauge steel rafters or light gauge steel trusses

Please note that:

  • Earthbag walls must be anchored to the roof or floor at their tops.
  • Using concrete bond beams on top of the earthbag walls with 2- #4 reinforcing bars is highly recommended.


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