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The Importance of Going Green

What’s the green buzz all about? What does green mean? How do we know we’re doing the green thing? What is ‘building green’?

Simply put, to ‘build green’ is construction without destruction. The concept of green, coming from the idea of renewal, growth and life, has remained unchanged through the ages. Facing a global crisis of unimagined precedence and disaster, the evolution of green is at our door. As Nabil Taha, Ph.D, owner and president of PSE states, “We have no choice but to go green.”

Estimates inform us that the buildings we live and work in consume 40% of resources and emit 50% of greenhouse gases. They actually use more energy than cars. Indoor air can be 2-5x more polluted than outside air. The current green marketing trends are happening because they connect to a need, a deep need-survival. Because of this green has become a verb, and through awareness and action, green has moved to Main Street America and is becoming a way of life.

Green buildings make people feel better and cost less to maintain. The term ‘sustainable building’ is another way of referring to the fact that green buildings are built to last, with quality design, durable materials and conscientious construction. Green buildings are about relationships, the relationship of the environment to what we build, how we build it and to the people who live and work in them.

You can put your trust in PSE Consulting Engineers, Inc. for ALL your Green Construction needs.

“The more options we give, the more people will bite on green initiatives.”
–Nabil Taha, Ph.D
(Founder and President of PSE)

PSE is a human-centered, intellectual engineering firm utilizing the latest design and computer technology available. We offer integrity and experience in green building design and construction.

PSE offers

  • Distinctive and sterling design in sustainable construction for residential and commercial buildings.
  • Accomplished diverse, competent and highly skilled staff at your service.
  • Experienced and exceptional analytical techniques applied to challenges, and opportunities.
  • State-of-the-art design technology and cutting-edge software combined with a high degree of professionalism, personal and quality service to each and every one of our clients.
  • Commitment to engineering excellence. We provide our clients with a high caliber of efficiency, talent and expertise in both alternative and traditional building construction.

“We have no choice but to go green.”

Nabil Taha, Ph. D., S.E.

President, PSE Consulting Engineers, Inc.