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Structural Engineering Inspection


Unlike with routine building inspections, many homeowners and building managers are uncertain about when or if it is necessary to schedule a structural engineer inspection, and how this might differ from a standard assessment. Knowing when to initiate an investigation using a structural engineer can help you uncover conditions and structural deficits that could be overlooked in a home or building inspection.

If you are the owner of a private residence or manage a commercial building, flaws such as roof sagging or leaking, cracked walls, water infiltration or other obvious damage all warrant a consultation with a structural engineer. Inspection by an engineer will expose not only the full extent of the damage, but also will uncover conditions that caused it. In addition to structural inspections, PSE provides seismic inspections and other types of specialized inspections that can be used to upgrade existing buildings and structures. Our engineers can provide detailed repair cost estimates, and do not have a vested interest in steering the owner toward any specific repair services.

At PSE Consulting Engineers, Inc., design and inspection are among the cornerstones of our service to our diverse clientele. In addition to inspections, PSE can prepare a design and specifications for repairs/remodeling or demolition, as well as provide construction planning and scheduling. We are licensed in over 47 states and experienced in international projects as well.

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Structural Engineering Design Services

In the event that a professional inspection reveals catastrophic deficits or failures, PSE’s skilled team licensed an experienced in preparing demolition or major structural engineering design to help you bring a structure back to a safe state. By providing an impartial, in-depth look into structural deficits and the environmental and design conditions that contribute to them, PSE can plan a cost-effective means by which to remedy deficits or make necessary upgrades.

To learn more about PSE’s services, or to schedule a free initial consultation, call (541) 850-6300.

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