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Designing, remodeling, and renovating residential homes can be a challenge. There are a variety of factors to consider, from building permits to structural integrity. At PSE Consulting Engineers, Inc. we can help. Whether you’re adding a room or updating your home, our structural engineers have extensive experience with residential home renovation and can make sure that your project is completed correctly and safely. 

If you are planning a home or thinking about some home improvement, consider hiring an engineer to assess your project before you start.  Most homeowners don’t realize they need an engineer until after they have started their project which could cause costly delays.

PSE Consulting Engineers, Inc. has innovative engineers who will provide you with the necessary calculations and details for any of your projects.  PSE has been designing projects using traditional building projects since 1998.  Our engineers are always looking for ways to spice things up and think outside of the box. We have taken a lead on designing many unique sustainable residential, commercial, and industrial projects using a vast array of building materials.

Our engineers offer homeowners specialized knowledge and experience when it comes to home improvement, the design of your dream home, or green building design.

(Every jurisdiction is different so be sure to check with your local building department before starting a home improvement project.)

PSE’s Quality Control for Design

At PSE, we believe that quality control starts with hiring the right staff with exceptional qualifications. Technical competency is the base for engineering design and it’s critical that every person involved is qualified. As part of our quality control on design, we conduct extensive interviews with prospective candidates who wish to join our structural engineering company. In some cases for entry-level engineers, additional written tests are provided. Attitude is extremely important; our staff must have a positive attitude and a dedication to customer service. 

Our company sets high standards for quality and design procedures, so each and every engineer is trained thoroughly on our company’s processes, while paired with senior team members for mentoring.

Quality control encompasses the following steps:

  1. Initial meeting with the client: First and foremost, we meet with the client to listen to his/her wants, needs and requirements.
  2. Initial Staff Meeting: Second comes an initial staff meeting between the Lead Engineer and the Project Manager.
  3. The Engineering Manager: lays out the overall structural system and considers alternatives.
  4. Engineering Manual: Our Engineering Manual, which is written by a College professor and practicing Engineer, consists of over forty chapters and two binders, three inches thick. Each chapter covers a type of construction method, materials used, or both.  The combined chapters cover almost everything the Engineers need to develop high quality construction documents, starting from where to get the loads, load pass, to design. Our Engineering Manual acts as a comprehensive resource to guide our Engineers throughout the project development; with its clear-cut standards of excellence and demonstrative calculative examples and guidelines.

Are you looking to build a custom home?

PSE has in-house designers that can work with you to plan and develop your new home. Whether you are looking for modifications to existing plan sets, or a completely custom home.

Check out some of our custom homes or read about the home design process here – Custom Home Design