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Services Offered to Contractors

Are you looking for a strong engineering partner who will listen and offers innovative solutions for complicated issues? At PSE Consulting Engineers, Inc., we’re no strangers to this game, we have many years of experience designing industrial, commercial, medical and residential projects.

Construction projects, in particular, tend to involve several groups or individuals in the decision-making process.  Our engineers may be invited to have their say, but we know the Contractors has the influence over their client with their product of choice, and where performance specifications are involved.

Services Offered to Contractors

  • Design
  • Formwork for concrete and Shoring Design
  • Temporary structures
  • Construction cost Estimates
  • Planning and scheduling
  • Local Construction Inspection

Do you need calculations, details or structural engineering to meet the approval of your local building official for a current or upcoming project?  We will work to become a trusted partner by delivering qualityresponsiveness, and flexibility. We would like to become your premier Structural Engineering firm, providing many solutions for any of your day to day challenges during or before construction.

From the site evaluation, to design services, we provide a comprehensive combination of experience packaged with an extensive list of unique structures that have been engineered across the state and internationally as well, which is key to our firm’s ability to provide exceptional value to our partnering contractors and build a very good working relationship.

We are dedicated to providing our clients and partners with the best service possible- here are some reasons to choose PSE over any other company:

  • PSE offers a commitment to forward-thinking and best practices to create optimal results
  • PSE knows that we must stay on top of all the latest technology, processes, and products, to maintain our top of the line engineering.  We have to be on the cutting edge of what’s happening in our industry.
  • PSE utilizes the most advanced industry software available for engineering and re-engineering of projects to turn ideas into realistic visual interpretations so projects can be accurately evaluated.
  • PSE has structurally designed Industrial parks, residential developments, and mixed-use developments that require sophisticated planning, design, and project management.
  • PSE responds quickly when you need licensed engineering services.
  • PSE engineers understand that time is of the essence when issues arise that may have the potential to delay your project.
  • PSE engineers and designs structures while considering the limitations imposed by practicality, safety, and cost.
  • PSE provides structural engineering calculations, details, reports, repair design and layout, and construction drawings.  We provide services when the Construction Documents state that “The general contractor is required to provide the design of… by a professional engineer (or structural engineer) licensed in this state.”
So lean on us, we’re ready to show you how we can help make your design and construction process easier, with our full-service team. We can offer our services across a large geographic region.

If you would like to learn more about our services or work please visit our extensive and unique portfolio and do not hesitate to contact our office if you should have the need for a structural engineer that will work with your team through the completion of your project.

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