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Services Offered to Architects

Dedicated to Excellence

We believe that designing buildings are a synergy of art and science that reflect values and pride. At PSE Consulting Engineers, Inc., our goal is to meet and exceed your expectations, because, at the end of the day, we find great satisfaction in bringing your vision to life. Sensitivity to architecture and aesthetics is key for a structural engineer in today’s world. Our engineers are dedicated to your project with a progressive outlook that engages the art of structural engineering with architecture, preservation, sustainability, material innovation, art, and social responsibility.

How can we help you grow?

If you are the one-person practitioner, or a small to mid-sized firm, the key to your success is to position your architectural firm as specialists who are leaders in the industry, whether your area of focus is interior design, urban planning, historic preservation, traditional structures, or the design of green commercial buildings, we would love to be part of your team. Our engineers will provide you with the skills your company may not have in-house. We blend our staff resources to address clients’ project and design requirements. This ability leads to better management, cost efficiencies, and a more elegant, technically-sound solution. We strive to be attuned to the vision and needs of our clientele and to provide them with a high level of service, innovative design, and professional integrity.

At PSE we know that we perform many parallel functions that contribute to the design and implementation of building and structures. Together, we’ll collaborate and coordinate with you to gain a full understanding of what you’ve imagined. We’re building more than just a structure – we’re building a partnership with you, and that means respecting the budget as well as your ideas.

We successfully complete over 1,400 projects a year, a figure that encompasses inspection, design, and management for many different project types. Our efforts have taken us to hundreds of locations across the United States, as well as around the globe. Our work is not limited to new structure design, we have successfully performed dozens of facility conversions, building renovations and structural evaluations.

Please visit our portfolio to see our broad experience that demonstrates our ability to design and inspect a range of structures, and do it with style and originality.

When you are ready to hire an engineer, give us a call to make sure your project is engineered with excellence!