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Building Sustainable Modular Homes

Michelle Kaufmann in her book The Prefab Green specifies five EcoPrinciples for designing a green modular home. It is summarized and rephrased below. (For full description of the above five points, please refer to the above book.):

Smart Design

Smart decisions during the design process such as layout of the floor plan, the positioning of windows and doors, and the very orientation of the house can make green living easier and more successful.


It is important that materials are sustainably sourced, and their shipping and processing leave a minimal impact on the plant.

  • Use renewable materials, such as bamboo.
  • Use sustainably harvested materials.
  • Use recycled materials whenever possible.
  • Use long-lasting, low maintenance materials.

Energy Efficiency:

  • Design and build efficient building envelopes.
  • Use efficient fixtures and appliances
  • Use efficient heating and cooling system.
  • Use alternative energy sources, such as solar power.
  • Utilize a monitoring system for energy

Water Conservation:

  • Reduce water intake
  • Reuse water.
  • Use site water management.

Healthy Environment:

  • No off-gassing materials
  • Use air-filtration.
  • Use spray-in foam insulation.
  • Use hard floor surfaces.