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Fabric Shelters on Ecology Blocks

For additional height for fabric structures or if its desirable to have strong retaining wall at the bottom, fabric structures/shelters could be installed on Ecology Blocks as shown below.

Ecology Blocks

Ecology Blocks are large concrete blocks, which are manufactured from left-over or unused concrete. Concrete, that in years gone-by would have been dumped and wasted or hauled to a land fill site, is saved and turned into a useful construction product, hence the term Ecology Block. The blocks are cast into either a half block or a full block and use nearly a half or a full yard of concrete respectively. The dimensions for these blocks are 2’ X 2’ X 3’ for a half block and 2’ X 2’ X 6’ for a full block. Each block is cast with a 3” radius tongue and groove, for interlocking stability, in stacking applications. The full blocks weigh approximately 3850 lbs and the half blocks are 1900 lbs. There is a picking eye of #5 rebar located in the spacing between the tongues in the top of each block. This picking eye is suitable for loading, unloading and for placing the blocks with a crane or backhoe capable of lifting and moving 4000 lbs, in the case of a full block.

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