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Bamboo Home Design & Engineering

Bamboo Homes

Green building at its best if you prefer wood, bamboo is an alternative that is not only environmentally friendly, but it’s easy on your wallet too. Bamboo homes are attractive and offer many benefits to homeowners. Bamboo is flexible so you can bend it without fear of splintering or breaking. Bamboo homes are also naturally earthquake resistant. Bamboo homes are also 25% more affordable than traditional homes.

Bamboo Facts

Bamboo is not a wood. In fact, it’s a grass—a very sturdy, flexible grass. It grows on every continent except Africa. There are also 1,500 different types of bamboo. The bamboo in North America is different from the bamboo you’ll find in Asia. Bamboo also grows fairly quickly. Some species grow four feet per day. Some grow to 180 feet high and a meter wide. Bamboo also self regenerates. If you cut a stalk and replant it, it will grow. And since it grows quickly, it can be harvested after three to five years. Bamboo requires very little maintenance. It doesn’t need fertilizer. Actually, it absorbs pollutants and prevents erosion, and is ideal for coastal areas.

Bamboo produces more oxygen than traditional wood—30% more. It absorbs 2/3 more carbon dioxide than other plants and releases more super-oxygenated air. After reading about the benefits of bamboo for construction, you may want to consider this option for designing your dream home. Our engineers will work with you to build a home you can be proud of. Be green and build your home using a truly renewable resource.

PSE offers:

  • Distinctive and sterling design for bamboo homes, buildings and bridges.
  • Accomplished, diverse, competent and highly skilled staff at your service.
  • Experienced and exceptional analytical techniques applied to challenges, and opportunities.
  • State-of-the-art design technology and cutting-edge software combined with a high degree of professionalism, personal and quality service to each and every one of our clients
  • Commitment to engineering excellence. We provide our clients with a high caliber of efficiency, talent and expertise in both alternative and traditional building construction.