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Aluminum Sports Bleachers


Aluminum bleachers are used throughout the world for many types of sporting, and other spectator based events. Whether it’s down at the little league fields to watch the children play baseball or at the local college watching a track meet. I am sure we have all at one time sat on aluminum bleachers surrounded by fans and spectators alike.

Most aluminum bleachers can be ordered from a manufacturer and installed where needed. The main question to us is how safe these bleachers are and how many spectators can they hold? Some aluminum bleacher manufacturers will reach out to professional engineers such as PSE Consulting Engineers to analyze and design their bleachers. What this will do is add value and a level of safety to you and anyone else that will be using them.

PSE Consulting Engineers, Inc. has had the pleasure of providing our structural engineering services, with many large aluminum bleacher manufacturers and have been a part of successful bleacher installations all around the United States. Give your product and or your investment the peace of mind that our team can provide to you.



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April 30, 2020