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Aluminum Canopies & Awnings


Canopies and Awnings are made from many types of materials from steel, wood, fabric and even aluminum. Most of the aluminum awnings you will see are on the outside of your favorite retail store.  PSE Consulting Engineers has provided structural engineering for many different aluminum canopies for some of your favorite places such as, Starbucks, Buffalo Wild Wings, Walgreens, Chipotle and many more. It is also very common to find aluminum awnings in the residential setting, whether it be for over a window, or creating a cover for a car.  If you would like to learn more about canopies and awnings, and see some of our other projects, please visit our canopies and awnings page.

Aluminum canopies can be used in all types of construction. PSE Consulting Engineers, Inc. has structurally designed aluminum canopies all across the United States for:

Aluminum-Architectural-Canopy-Awning-Walgreens Aluminum-Architectural-Canopy-Awning-VerizonAluminum-Architectural-Canopy-Awning-Chipotle Aluminum-Architectural-Canopy-Awning-Buffalo Wild Wings


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May 5, 2020