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Remodels and Additions

Planning a Remodel or Addition

Whether you are planning a remodel for your home, or you are the owner of a commercial building looking to upgrade. It is vital from a structural standpoint to fully understand the key components of the current structure. Before you begin knocking down walls, you will most likely need to obtain building permits from your city. You will need to develop full plans of your remodel for the building department to review and give you approval.

The team here at PSE could help you through developing a full plan for submittal.

  • Site Inspection
  • As-Built Drawings
  • New Addition or Remodel Architectural Design
  • Structural Drawings

…and more


Types of Remodels

PSE Consulting Engineers, Inc. has been involved in remodels and additions all around the country. From single room and two story residential additions, to a complete commercial building overhaul. Additions and remodels are possible for structures of all types and sizes, including:

  • Homes
  • Hotels & Lodges
  • Apartment Complexes
  • Restaurants
  • Retail Spaces

We remodeled the Callahan’s Mountain Lodge, shown at the right.

Do I need a professional for my Remodel or Addition?


Keep in mind that if your project involves adding or changing the existing structure, you may need the services of a licensed engineer, architect, or designer to assist you. To be sure if you will need one of these professionals, have a structural plan reviewer, or structural engineer look over your plan and see what type of professional would be most beneficial. You will also need to shop around for a local contractor that will be able to put a price on the project. That contractor will be able to head this project from start to finish consulting you on what to do next, as well as completing the physical construction.