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Structural Design

Most cities and counties require permits for pole buildings over a certain size or height, always check with your local building department. Although the design of pole structures is basically very simple, structural engineers should be employed in the design.

structural-design-pole-buildings-010_0006The safety and satisfactory performance of these buildings depend on the proper evaluation of loads, stresses, deflection, foundation capabilities and their relative influence and importance in a given case. Structural Components For

Pole Buildings Are:

  • Light Lumber roof trusses, purlins and metal deck.
  • Pressure treated timber poles.
  • Small concrete foundation around the poles that extend 4 feet or more into the ground.
  • Girts and Siding.

Structural Design for Enclosed Pole Buildings

Pole buildings could be used as a barn, shop, office and/or residence.

Codes for Pole buildings:

  • International Building code, IBC.
  • Part of the NDS manual is the Introduction to Timber Poles and Piles. See copy in the Pink binder.