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Loads for Pole Buildings

Loads for pole buildings

  • Loads shall be in according to the requirements of the applicable Code in the above item “Code.”
  • In most cases since pole buildings are light weight, Wind loads will be bigger, control, than Seismic loads.
  • Check Google-earth to determine if your buildings is in wind exposure category B, C, or D.
  • Roof dead load is smaller in pole building due to the absence of:
    • Asphalt shingles, metal deck is used instead;
    • Plywood or OSB roof sheathing;
    • Ceiling joists and Gyp board sheathing;
    • Thick insulation

A typical dead load range from 3 to 10 psf

Deflection for pole buildings

  • For Pole building used for shop, office, or any typical use, the deflections shall be controlled by the applicable Code such as UBC or IBC.
  • For Farm buildings, the total dead and live load deflection can not be more than L/180.
  • For Green houses, the total dead and live load deflection can not be more than L/120.

If you have heavy Snow Loads on pole buildings, try:

  • Plywood under the metal roof deck;
  • Reducing the spacing between the purlins will help.
  • Increasing the metal deck gauge to 22 .
  • Two layers of metal deck, double, on the top of each other. This is the contractors choice.