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Pole Buildings

The Basics of Pole Buildings

Once used only in agriculture, pole barns have gained popularity in the residential and commercial markets. Uses include pole shops, garages, and even homes. This building type has definite benefits and offers a strong alternative to traditional construction methods. Modern pole buildings owe their popularity to their low cost and the ease and speed with which they can be erected. Pole buildings adapt to a wide range of functional structures for residential, industrial, and commercial use. It is evident that pole buildings are the right choice.

Pole structures are framed by poles cemented into the ground. Pole building construction is both simple and light. The floor loads are supported independently by the ground, not by the pole building, and can be easily modified or expanded. The sides can be metal (steel or aluminum), or wood. It depends on preferences; which of course dictates price. Traditionally, pole structures are inexpensive, which is one of the primary reasons that this practice has moved into the mainstream.

Residential Pole Buildings – Design

Rustic but functional, residential pole building design is simple. With the outer structure in place, all that is needed to transform a big empty space into a home are interior walls, flooring, electricity, and plumbing—the elements of traditional home building. Pole barn homes can be a single story or two stories, and the size is completely up to the homeowner. Since homeowners save money with the actual structure, they can afford to allocate additional funds to interior features. Also, pole construction offers a solution to building a cabin, vacation home, or workshop.

Commercial Pole Barns

Like other types of structures, pole barns can be repurposed to serve quite well as shops, retail stores, garages – anything really. Pole shops and garages are popular among mechanics and tradesmen, as they are inexpensive to build. Equestrians also find pole structures convenient and effective for horse arenas. Durable and easy to clean, a pole horse arena is more practical than traditional structures.