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Geodesic Dome Structures

Dome Engineering and Design


PSE Consulting Engineers, Inc. offers event and dome home design with your specifications in mind. Domes are nature’s perfect structure and provide a unique environment for every use. Geodesic Domes are beautiful, futuristic and synergetic structures. 

Domes are the strongest portable structures known to man. They are highly portable, quick and easy to erect with a ratchet and are engineered to withstand hurricane force winds and heavy snow loads!

The American Institute of Architects has acclaimed the geodesic dome “the strongest, lightest and most efficient means of enclosing space known to man.” They handle hurricane winds, extreme snow loads, and are the safest structure in an earthquake.

Geodesic domes are very versatile, and are used all over the world for many purposes such as recreations, conferences, meetings, gatherings, marketing events, museum, shelters and homes.

Many sizes are available, depending on the application. The larger domes are used for warehouse, distribution of supplies, and also for kitchens and food services. Mid range domes are perfect for classrooms and medical centers. Smaller domes provide a safe and weather proof shelter for displaced families.

Two, three or multiple domes can be connected with short or long tunnels through Event Round doors.
(Most pictures are courtesy of Pacific Domes, Ashland, Oregon,

Indoor Events Fabrics

Opalescent Stretch Lite fabric is beautiful for indoor events. It is perfect for digital projection as the translucent quality of the lighter colors allows images to be seen both inside and outside the dome.

Outdoor Events Fabrics

Event Lite fabric is lightweight for ease of setup and perfect for digital projections. Logos and branding can be applied to Event Lite. This extremely translucent fabric allows images to be seen both inside and outside the Dome. Event Vinyl fabric is extremely durable and perfect for long term outdoor events. Logos and branding can easily be applied to Event Vinyl. The entire cover can also be printed. It is available in Blackout for daytime projection theaters. Event Vinyl is a vinyl coated Polyester, 17 oz. /sq. yard, flame resistant, water/mildew/UV resistant and available in many colors.

Shown to the left are domes that were created for National Geographic’s Mars event in 2016. They were built by DomeGuys International, LLC.

Dome Home Design

Dome home design has started rolling into mainstream America. More and more people are realizing that these round dwellings are not only beautiful and stylistically unique, but they are also quite “green.” Dome homes are constructed with recycled, renewable materials:

  • The frames are usually steel
  • The outside is a plastic skin
  • The foundation is wood

One of the great things about geodesic domes is that you can purchase them in a kit that erases the need to calculate and cut many different angles. You can purchase these kits and do it yourself, or we can design a wooden home according to your instructions.


Customizing Your Dome Home

Aside from the obvious shape difference, dome house design is strikingly similar to any other custom home design. It helps to start by answering the broad stroke questions and narrowing your design down room by room. This ensures that nothing is overlooked and that the dome house you end up with is precisely the one you had in mind.

Your dome home can be your permanent residence, or it can be used as a vacation home. If you use for it for a vacation home, please consider a minimalist design. A vacation dome home would be ideal in a wooded setting, or in the middle of a clearing.
Dome homes come in a variety of sizes. We’ll work to design one that fits your spatial needs.

Round/Circular Home Advantages

Round and circular home construction offers a range of advantages from the practical to the profound:

  • Spectacular panoramic views.
  • Marvelous acoustics.
  • Versatility – from a tiny cabin to a multi-level home or commercial building, round fits any construction requirement or individual lifestyle.
  • Reduced consumption and energy efficiency with no corners to trap cold air.
  • Superior strength – round homes have proven to stand up well against extreme weather conditions, including hurricanes and heavy snowfall.
  • High market value and desirability – aesthetics, durability and quality.

Round Homes from EconOdome

The EconOdome building frame is comprised of triangles formed with precision cut lumber, and held secure with metal screws, straps, and wires. The EconOdome building is also clad on the exterior with composite cement sheeting. Due to this unique combination of materials and construction methods, the EconOdome building may be reliably sealed using a sealing technique called the “saturated seal”. This proven method of sealing involves brushing an elastomeric sealer under and over stretchy polyester cloth seam tape that is applied over all seams and nail/screw penetrations. Please visit


Aircrete Homes & Domes

See our Aircrete page to learn more about Aircrete Domes and the sustainable material that is perfect for domes!