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Custom Home Design

Creative Touch Home Design

We offer extensive services through our subsidiary company, Creative Touch Home Design. For over 10 years, Creative Touch has designed beautiful, unique homes for clients all across America. CTHD is headquartered in our PSE corporate office, allowing our home designers to work alongside our structural engineers to deliver our clients a full package from design, engineering and permitting. Our design approach puts the vision, goals and needs of the people we design for at the heart of our creative process.

Experience in Sustainability

Along with designing traditional homes, we have expertise in creating one-of-a-kind homes that are unique AND good for the environment by using alternative building materials and sustainable design methods. These homes are built to last, save on energy, cost less to maintain and help preserve our environment. Choose from a variety of types and styles, whether you are wanting a fire-resistant home made out of shipping containers, a cozy tree house to escape in, or a tiny home on wheels!


Creative Touch professionals will make sure to work with you and your ideas. This will ensure that the completed design will be as close to the vision you have for your home, all while being as efficient as possible.

Full Plan Sets

You will have the option to work with our team to develop your own custom home plan, or you can purchase a full plan set from our plan room.


Creative Touch works closely with Structural Engineers and other professionals to develop a complete set of stamped construction documents ready to turn into your local building department.

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