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While we don’t consciously notice the role of bridges on a normal day, our modern lives wouldn’t be able to function without them. Bridges provide crucial access between states and cities, linking workers to jobs and providing paths to ship goods and services. Without these important aspects of infrastructure, we wouldn’t be able to travel nearly as far and the economy would drastically suffer. It is necessary to ensure that bridges have a long lifespan, are built according to safety regulations and repaired when needed.

PSE has worked on numerous bridges across the U.S., from inspection and review to design and engineering. Our projects range from pedestrian/foot bridges to large-scale highways. Whether you are needing a bridge made from wood, reinforced concrete, steel or any other material, we have the experience to make it durable, safe and functional.

Project Spotlight: Lake Ewauna Trail Bridge

This pre-engineered trail bridge was built for the Lake Ewauna Trail in Klamath Falls, Oregon. The local newspaper, Herald and News, featured this bridge in a 2012 article illustrating how it will mark the beginning of a trail that winds around Lake Ewauna and connects to the OC & E trail, attracting visitors and boosting the economy. The next step was constructing a second bridge that will span across the railroad yards. Once the project was completed, the overall trail system connected Klamath Falls residents to the Running Y Ranch Resort and Crater Lake, among other areas.

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Redding Bridge Highways
Lake Ewauna Trail Bridge Klamath Falls