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When to Choose Aluminum?

One myth is that aluminum is not sufficiently strong to serve as a structural metal. The fact is the most common aluminum structural alloy of aluminum is 6061-T6 has a minimum yield strength of 35 ksi, which is almost equal to that of A36 steel. This strength couples with the light weight (about one third of that of steel) makes aluminum particularly advantageous for structural applications.

Other Uses of Aluminum

Aluminum may be successfully used for an aluminum curtain wall for high rise buildings, aluminum water storage tanks, aluminum dome roofs, aluminum walkway and handrail at municipal wastewater treatment plant, aluminum structures supporting highway signs, aluminum culverts, aluminum scaffolding, aluminum portable buildings, aluminum prefab buildings, aluminum railroad cars, trucks and aircraft.

Aluminum Alloys

The most common aluminum alloy is 6061-T6.

Aluminum Design

Aluminum design is more complicated than design of structural Red Iron Steel. This is because it was first developed for the design of aircraft. However, aluminum design is not as complicated as Light Gauge Steel design.

Aluminum Standard & Data

The Aluminum Standard and Data contains useful information and data pertaining to chemical composition limits, mechanical and physical properties, tolerance and other characteristics of various aluminum alloy wrought products.

Designing for aluminum Extrusions

chandlerAluminum alloy extrusion offers designers a freedom from standard shape restrictions that are unrivaled among structural materials. With aluminum extrusion, you don’t have to compromise your design to accommodate standard shapes. Aluminum extrusions can be designed by joining a wide variety of methods such as riveting, bolting, welding, brazing, soldering and adhesive bonding. For more information about aluminum extrusion, refer to the Aluminum Extrusion Manual by The Aluminum Association.

To learn more about this option, contact PSE’s team of structural engineers who will be happy to further explain all of the benefits and features of aluminum home and building practices. Tel 541-850-6300.


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