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Aluminum Buildings

when-to-choose-aluminum-1Aluminum for Buildings, Canopies, Awnings or Modular Homes.

PSE Consulting Engineers, Inc., PSE, is the industry leader in the design and engineering of structurally sound, environmentally friendly building practices. We believe that “going green” is fast becoming not simply an option that is cost-effective and efficient, but also a practice that may be the gold standard in innovative construction. To that end, we provide a variety of options for modular home design and aluminum building designs.


PSE and Aluminum Buildings

Why choose a Modular Home?

PSE provides modular home design and engineering services. Learn more about going green with aluminum building options. Efficient for both the environment, as well as for human resources and budgetary concerns, modular homes are built in a fraction of the time it takes for construction on-site as site work and construction run in tandem with no interruption from climate-related delays. Costly delays and waste are virtually eliminated from this process.

Aluminum Building Design

aluminum-6The advantages of aluminum building/home design are many. This type of building includes materials and processes that are environmentally sound and is another method by which PSE can produce engineering services that are both efficient and cost effective for the client.

Advantages of aluminum homes/buildings include:

  • Aluminum is a lightweight material, so aluminum homes/buildings/ structures are easily transportable.
  • Lending itself to a limitless number of structure types, aluminum can be used for any purpose.
  • A unique combination of properties makes aluminum one of our most versatile engineering and construction materials.
  • Aluminum is light in mass, yet some of its alloys have strength greater than that of structural steel.
  • Its corrosion resistance means that the structure is naturally sound and viable in the long-term. When aluminum surfaces are exposed to the atmosphere, a thin invisible oxide skin forms immediately, this protects the metal from further oxidation.
  • Aluminum is often used without any finish coating or painting. The cost of the initial painting alone may result in steel being more expensive than aluminum.

Refer to the Aluminum Design Manual by the Aluminum Association.

  • Aluminum is the most abundant metal in the earth’s crust.
  • As a reusable resource, aluminum building often utilizes recycled metal and can be reused when the structure is no longer needed.
  • Lightness is one of aluminum’s most useful characteristics. The specific gravity is about 2.7. The mass and weight, of aluminum is roughly 35 percent that of iron, and 30 percent of that of copper.
  • Modular homes by their very nature incorporate recycled materials, and the process of building and assembly is inherently eco-friendly, using less energy and resources than on-site construction. The use of aluminum for modular structures furthers this initiative.

PSE’s modular home design options are created to meet all state and local building requirements. Assembly on-site is also inspected by the local regulating bodies. For more information on modular homes, please see our modular homes page.