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Everyone wants to get the most bang for their buck. This usually involves a comparison of the cost of an item versus its durability and longevity. When it comes to construction, green buildings often have better durability, energy efficiency, and maintain their value over time. One such building is the Pole Barn.

Pole barns and structures gained popularity after people began using utility poles as posts and framing for their barns. Fast forward since this movement in the 1930s and you have the modern pole barn structure—a multi-purpose and functional building used for storage, recreation, and even as custom-designed homes.  

Pole barns use posts buried at regular intervals to form an outer frame. Each post is reinforced with concrete, but it is not necessary to have a full slab or even any floor at all to make the structure sound. This is actually a huge benefit of pole structures and allows these buildings to be constructed on uneven surfaces.

After the frame goes up, a roof is placed overhead as shelter. Some pole barns and buildings will be left open to the air to be used as pavilions. Other pole building owners may add siding to the framing in wood, aluminum, or steel to create walls. Every aspect of a pole building makes it a good value.

For example, pole framing requires less material because poles are spaced further apart. The walls and floor work independently from one another so there’s often no need for an expensive foundation to be poured. Construction of a pole building is also quick and efficient making it a green building method. All of these aspects save you money on the initial cost of the building.

In addition, pole buildings are efficient. A custom pole-framed home can be finished like any other house with electricity, plumbing, and HVAC, but the energy-efficiency of the structure itself will result in better temperature management and lower utility bills. The poles also offer better durability and a firmer structure than a traditional stick-framed home. This means the building can hold more weight and remain stable.

Pole barns can be way more than just barns nowadays. Custom home designs are now incorporating pole framing. Pole structures can also be used as shelters, storage facilities, greenhouses, arenas, retail spaces, and much more.

When it comes to the cost of a building as compared to its efficiency and longevity, you can’t choose much better than a pole barn structure. The engineers at PSE Consulting Engineers, Inc. are here to help you design your pole-framed structure today. From our custom home design to our construction management, we can help bring your project to life. Call today