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When people think of structural engineers, they typically picture massive projects, complex blueprints, and towering skyscrapers. While those examples may be true, that’s not all we do! At PSE Consulting Engineers, Inc. our engineers also work on a variety of smaller scale, creative projects that are as fun as they are unique. From designing dream treehouses to incorporating new, progressive techniques in traditional builds, learn all about some of our favorite niche design projects we’ve completed below!

Tree House Design & Engineering

Do you remember being a kid and dreaming of living in your very own treehouse? Well, now you can! At PSE Consulting Engineers, if you can imagine it, we can design it. Our structural engineers are experts in sustainable structural design, and can make your modern treehouse dreams a reality. We create custom home plans for treehouses to help you design a breathtaking and unique home that is both safe and environmentally conscious. We use our extensive knowledge of green home design to produce a solid structure that is sustainable and beautiful. Our residential structural engineers work hard to use the local, native resources and materials for your treehouse without damaging the surrounding area, so you can rest assured knowing that your land’s natural beauty will be preserved. 

Our structural engineers work with you to develop a custom treehouse design that fits your needs and your budget. Similar to any of our custom home plans, we discuss with you the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, sizes, desired amenities, and more to ensure you’re happy with the final result. We even help you figure out the best textures and aesthetics to fit in your environment. Because of our dedication to creating environmentally-friendly homes, our treehouse designs incorporate modern innovations and green building practices to reduce waste and see that no resources are misused.

Tiny Homes

Tiny homes are one of the modern marvels that are only growing in popularity. As more and more people ditch the gigantic houses and try to downsize, they discover that tiny homes offer a unique solution to their minimalist aspirations. Sustainable and energy-efficient, tiny homes cost significantly less than their larger counterparts, use less energy, and require less upkeep, making them ideal for small families, new homeowners, and retirees alike. They can be fully customized to fit the needs of any family, and are great for a life on the go! However, while many people dream of owning their own tiny home, many don’t know where to start. Fortunately, we can help. 

At PSE Consulting Engineers, we can design the perfect tiny home for you and your family. Our structural engineers work with you throughout the entire design process, from the initial planning stages to fabrication. Our experience in green home design allows us to plan an environmentally conscious and energy-efficient home to see that there isn’t a single inch of wasted space. Together, we can help you build your very own (tiny) dream home!

Pole Buildings

Pole buildings, also known as pole barns, are the general term for a specific type of agricultural building. They are built using a technique called post-frame construction, and are classified as a large building with no basement, wide-open spaces, and a high ceiling. Though initially pole buildings were exclusively used for agriculture, the building methodology has been gaining in popularity in the residential and commercial markets. Recently, the technique has been used to construct everything from garages to residential homes. Pole buildings can owe their rising popularity to their low cost, and the relative ease and speed with which they can be built. 

Pole building construction is great because it is both simple and light, allowing it to be erected quickly and modified to fit a variety of demands. To start, pole buildings are framed by poles cemented into the ground, which allows the floor loads to be supported independently by the ground, not the structure itself. The sides can be metal or wood, depending on preference. This customization, ease of installation, and relative strength make pole buildings a perfect choice for a variety of applications. 

As you can see, structural engineers work on much more than the next big downtown skyscraper! If you have an idea or design that you’ve always dreamed of, the experts at PSE Consulting Engineers can help make it a reality. Whether you’re looking for the perfect home for a growing family or a little getaway that’s all yours, we work with you to design the perfect space to fit your needs. Contact us today to learn more!