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Modular Homes


PSE Modular Home Engineering Advantages

Many builders and would-be homeowners are surprised at the beauty and quality of the modular homes on the market today. Far from the cookie-cutter homebuilding process that characterized the earliest models, modular home engineering has risen to a whole new level these days.

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First, today’s modulars are being constructed to much higher standards than ever before. While a site-built home in generally only inspected after the completion of framing, wiring, plumbing and other stages of construction, a modular is usually quality controlled continuously throughout the construction. Because a modular must often be transported to a site for assembly, manufacturers pay great attention to constructing strong joints and solid frames, making for a structure that, overall, is more reliably built than most site-built homes. Modular home engineering also contributes to a home that is energy efficient; this is due to the fact that the tightly constructed joints result in less heat/cold loss.

While modulars remain an extremely cost-effective choice for buyers – thanks to the efficient manufacturing process and quick construction – a modular home engineer can also deliver a structure that is wholly unique to the owner. Buyers can choose from an impressive array of styles and floor plans, and can tailor a design to specific needs and preferences.

A modular home engineer from PSE Consulting Engineers, Inc. can help builders and homeowners choose manufacturers and building options that can further enhance the sustainability of their design. In addition, PSE can ensure that the structure you’ve chosen is assembled on site according to the strictest local codes and standards, so you can achieve a design that’s as good for you as it is for the world around you.

For more information about modular homes and engineering services, please feel welcome to contact PSE Consulting Engineers, Inc. at (541) 850-6300.

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