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Modular Home Design


Modular Home Design Advantages

Contrary to myth, modular homes are a far superior type of construction than most homeowners have been led to believe. There are a number of factors that contribute to the high quality of a modular home design, not the least of which is the strict regulations placed on the industry by the federal and state governments.

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Modulars are built to high standards. The design plans for modular homes must meet regulations for all the states where homes will be sold by the manufacturer, and inspected by third-party agencies during the manufacturing process. Each home must then be assembled on-site according to the building codes in the state where the home will be shipped. These are the very same codes that must be met by on-site builders.

Another one of the aspects of modular home design that makes this type of building so attractive and economical is the timeliness of construction. A modular home can be constructed in a fraction of the time required to build a site-built home, because the site work and manufacturing processes can run concurrently. Furthermore, because modulars are produced in climate-controlled factory conditions, weather-related cost overruns and delays are virtually impossible. Once the elements of the home are constructed and delivered to the site, the home can be assembled quickly without the need to schedule and work around subcontractors, giving the buyer a vastly more predictable timetable for completion in which to complete moving plans.

All these benefits come to the buyer in an environmentally friendly package, as modular homes more often make use of recycled and engineered materials, and the solid, tight construction means less energy loss. The result of all this is a less expensive home that costs less to own and operate, yet still appreciates in value just as a site-build house does.

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