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Insulated concrete forms have long been the go-to alternative to lumber building projects, but do the latest developments in ICF technology make the old obsolete? Composite ICFs, or ICCFs, are insulated concrete forms made from a composite blend of expanded polystyrene foam and different concretes. The result is a stronger, renewable, & lightweight concrete form that simplifies the building process. Here at PSE Consulting Engineers, we are staunch advocates for many sustainable building practices, but the benefits of ICCFs have undoubtedly cemented these concrete forms amongst our favorites.

Simple to Use

The simple to use nature of ICCFs means you can save money and time on your next job! Individual crewmembers can lift and stack these concrete forms with ease, and the large uniform dimensions allow for quick progress when you build. Custom building is also a breeze because ICCFs don’t require specialized equipment, and builders can cut them with most standard carpentry tools.

Fire-Resistant Forms

While traditional lumber builds offer no fire resistance and ICFs offer some, there is no match for the level of fire resistance you get with ICCFs. When under heat, the expanded polystyrene foam that lines a standard insulated form melts in little to no time. However, the composite material of an ICCF block is highly fire-resistant and offers your structure 4+ hours of fire protection. Protect your next build from unexpected disasters and build with composite insulated concrete forms.

Pest & Mold Resistant

Every day pests and mold threaten thousands of homes in the U.S., and when they take hold somewhere, it can cost thousands to get rid of them. ICCFs offer a 100% completely mold-resistant building option making them especially ideal in warm and moist climates. The solid and seamless finished product you get with ICCFs prevents any pests from infiltrating the structure. You can stop paying for pest control because composite concrete forms prevent everything from termites to mice and rats from finding their way into your building.

Green Building

If being a renewable builder is vital to you, composite insulated concrete forms might be just the building material you have been looking for. Not only is the composite mixture made from recyclable and renewable materials, but you can move these blocks by hand, which eliminates any need for specialized equipment. ICCF blocks come in several standard dimensions so you can plan your build and significantly cut back on waste. If you are looking for an ICCF company, we recommend one that offers corner pieces. Designated corner pieces eliminate any need to custom cut corners and therefore minimize the amount of wasted material.


Not only is the building process efficient and sustainable, but the finished product is energy efficient as well. Composite concrete forms are a great way to cut back on annual heating and cooling costs as their thermal value keeps the warm air out during the summer and in during the winter months. The high energy rating of ICCFs makes them an excellent choice for large-scale commercial buildings that experience high energy usage.

Insulated Composite Concrete Forms

The staff at PSE love sustainable building & structural engineering, and we believe that ICCFs offer a great way to achieve it. There is a longstanding notion that you have to sacrifice durability for sustainability and the ICCF is a clear exception. Contact PSE today for more information on our sustainable engineering and explore all the options available to you!