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How Design & Planning Saves Money on Utilities

We all think about our dream home. Maybe it’s during the traffic-heavy commute home from work or trying to fall asleep after a long day that we plan our basement. But, unfortunately, many of us settle this dream as a figment of our imagination, not something that can come to life. 

Every dream house begins with a concept. The design and planning stage is crucial in initiating the framework you want your home to work within. You have total creative freedom during this stage. But with great power comes responsibilities such as finances. Read on how to save money on utilities while planning your dream home. 

The One-Stop-Shop

You are finally doing it: taking the first step to building your dream home. However, choosing the right professional to assist and guide you can be challenging, especially given the costs involved. Hiring a structural engineer can not only assure you that your house won’t fall but will also save you time and money in the long run. When designing your dream home, you want your aesthetic to come to life– a structural engineer will allow you to do so. Saving money on utilities is key, and hiring a structural engineer from PSE Consulting Engineers as the first step will help make your dream house a reality. 

Keep Your Creativity Alive–and for Free!

Design a floor plan, gaining insight into your ideas’ coverage. You can save money on utilities in this step by using free programs and design websites that will help you sketch out a basic floor plan. Hiring a professional to assist you will save you time and money later. It’s always better to come to a designer or engineer with an idea of what you want so it makes it easier to execute that vision. Then, you can take your ideas to a designer and engineer, who can help you choose materials that not only bring your vision to life, but are also cost-saving and sustainable.

Say Goodbye to Lumber 

It’s time to ditch the lumber. Although lumber prices have skyrocketed because of the Covid-19 pandemic, lumber’s supply cannot meet the demand. Luckily, we construct homes with more robust materials and are cost-friendlier than lumber. 

Insulated concrete forms and light gauge steel are both suitable options for replacing lumber; however, Shipping containers meet the criteria when it comes to saving money on utilities. Sustainable and durable shipping containers make the possibilities endless for designing your dream home. In addition, their strength and low maintenance ensure they will sustain the elements for years to come. 

Make Your Sustainable Building Project a Reality

Our goal at PSE Consulting Engineers is to help you make your sustainable building project a reality by utilizing existing and emerging technologies to create solutions for beautiful and safe structures. By using ICF engineering, SIPs, earthbag, bamboo, structural fabrics, and more, we can help you create a home that not only aligns with your vision but is good for the environment, too (not to mention that more sustainable materials save you money on your utilities).

Want to save money on utilities while planning for your dream home? Contact PSE Consulting Engineers today to learn more!