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Green Engineering Services


Creating or upgrading buildings using a sustainable, or “green,” approach requires the designer/builder to not only design a beautiful, functional space, but to also use energy efficient materials and responsibly preserve natural resources in doing so. It is no wonder that the mastery of green engineering services involves such a great commitment of energy and creativity.

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, more than two-thirds of the electricity consumption in the United States in 2002 could be attributed to buildings (residential and commercial), while nearly 40% of the total consumption of energy in the U.S. could be attributed to buildings. During this same time frame, it is estimated that American buildings contributed nearly 40% of the total carbon dioxide emissions in the country. The average American spends most of their day indoors, where air pollutants can be many times higher than the levels found outdoors.

Knowing the tremendous impact homes and commercial structures can have on our environment, it becomes clear what a positive impact hiring a green structural engineer can have on the local, national and world environment.

Green Structural Engineer

Part of the job of a green structural engineer is to mitigate the effects of buildings on the environment, both inside a building and outdoors. This is accomplished in a number of ways, including water and energy efficiency, use of sustainable materials, use of recycled materials, preservation of existing structures, and improving indoor air quality through a variety of means.

The result of green engineering services from firms such as PSE is not only a building that is more responsible and gentle to the environment, but is also beneficial to the economy. Green buildings have been shown to retain a higher resale value than conventional homes, in addition to costing less to maintain and operate in the long-term.

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