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Engineering Consulting Services


Many small businesses achieve greater cost-effectiveness in their daily operations by hiring out certain areas of expertise such as engineering consulting services. Enlisting help from the right consultant can ensure that your construction, upgrade or remodeling project progresses as smoothly as it would with your own staff on the job. Select the appropriate engineer for the job, and a project can come in ahead of schedule, under budget and well beyond all your highest expectations. Choose an inexperienced or unethical consultant, and a complex project could drag on for months and eat through the budget long before completion.

Count on PSE to help you meet or exceed all your most ambitious project objectives. The consultants at PSE are trained, experienced and licensed to provide engineering services for a variety of projects, from the construction of single- and multi-family homes, manufactured homes, hospitals, schools, hotels and green homes to commercial and industrial structures ranging from sports arenas to warehousing and manufacturing facilities. We’ve even taken on engineering for projects as diverse as pole barns, dome homes, swimming pools and tree houses.

At PSE Consulting Engineers, Inc., consulting services can include a single area of expertise or oversight of an entire project or multiple projects. Our experience and work ethic ensure that everything from the design, planning and materials to the execution of the construction process itself go without complications.

PSE’s broad scope of experience and outside-the-box thinking mean that no project is beyond our ability to deliver satisfactory results. We have long history and a long list of satisfied clients in a variety of industries. Whether you need minimal assistance for peer review of a design, or start-to-finish management and oversight of a major construction project, PSE can help.

We’re so confident about our ability to assist you in your project needs that we offer all our customers a free initial consultation. Call PSE at (541) 850-6300 to schedule your consultation.