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Yurt Living —More Than You Imagine

Yurt. What do you think of when you read that word? A tent? A fun weekend glamping with friends? A home? Yurts can be many things, including custom homes and retreats for people looking to build a sustainable structure. The yurt is a lightweight, foldable, fabric and...

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Benefits of Insulated Concrete Forms (I.C.F.)

Going green means you have a lot of choices for materials and building practices. One great option is the insulated concrete form or ICF. These are made from rigid foam blocks spaced apart with rebar. They are stacked together, and concrete is poured between the foam...

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Log Homes Are No Longer A Thing Of The Past

The words “log cabin” and “modern” may not seem synonymous, but log cabins are no longer the simple, unfinished structures of the past. Modern log structures can take almost any shape and form and have many benefits beyond their classic aesthetics. Log homes...

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How To Reduce Your Home’s Carbon Footprint

Carbon footprint is defined as the total emissions of CO2 generated by a single person or group. This is based on the level of consumption of fossil fuels, your lifestyle, and many other factors. While you may think your home is just sitting there, it could in fact be...

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What is “Building Green?”

It seems that everywhere you turn, the world is becoming more and more green (and we don’t mean the color). Environmental concerns have spurred an increase in sustainable structures and green building practices. But what does this actually mean? Building green is...

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Why You Should Consider a Dome Home

Your home is a reflection of your personality and I’m not just talking about the way you decorate the interior. The style, size, shape, and materials are the bones of your house, so what do they say about you? Colonial homes tell folks you’re traditional and orderly;...

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