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You may be wondering, “Can I add value to my home by remodeling?” The simple answer is yes, but you need to be deliberate with your changes to be sure they give you the greatest possible return on investment. When it comes to remodeling, you need a company who can help design, engineer, and manifest your ideas while keeping you on schedule and within your budget. Call PSE Consulting Engineers, Inc. for help with any of these value-adding remodel ideas.


The easiest way to remodel your home is to use the existing space in a new or different way. Converting basements, attics, and even garages into usable living space can be beneficial to your home’s value. Finishing these unused spaces may require the help of an architect, designer, residential structural engineer, or contractor to obtain permits and complete the work. You may also consider converting the layout of a room or floor of your home to add en-suite bathrooms, larger closets, bay windows—the possibilities are endless.



If you don’t already have space, add it. Building an addition to your home increases overall square footage, a prime factor in home value. Bathrooms are the number one investment-recouping rooms to build, followed by bedrooms. Heated and cooled sunrooms and enclosed decks add great value in high-end neighborhoods and climates where they can be used for most of the year. Large families also love bonus rooms such as libraries, offices, music rooms, formal dining areas, and more. Home additions require design, blueprints, approval, and more residential building services.


The layout of your home can impact how buyers see its value. A poor, space-wasting layout with small, enclosed rooms will not feel welcoming. Open concept designs are very popular. When you begin changing the interior structure of your home, you will need a residential structural engineer to help plan the changes. Creating an accessible layout for the elderly and disabled may also increase value. Installing outside ramps to replace steps, widening doorways, and remodeling areas like the kitchen, may open up the potential market for your home, thus increasing competition and value.



Green building is all the rage and rightfully so. In today’s climate-changing world, homeowners want houses that are energy efficient. Adding new insulation, sealing window or door frame gaps, and installing an upgraded HVAC system can all add value through their efficiency. Another simple way to add value is through energy-efficient appliances and the installation of solar panels. Potential home buyers love seeing green energy and environmentally conscious decisions in homes.



Homes in disaster prone areas can increase value by increasing safety. A structural engineer can help with home safety through services such as seismic upgrades or fireproofing. Older homes may also benefit from an engineering evaluation to see if upgrades are needed to bring the house to code. 


Starting Over

We know it’s a bit extreme (and not technically a remodel), but another way to add value to a home is to start from scratch and build an entirely new custom home. Many green building and engineering options for custom homes offer great value. A new custom home can utilize the latest advances in the field of green structural engineering and sustainable residential home building. 

Whether you want a small change or a major upheaval, start your project today by calling PSE Consulting Engineers, Inc.. We have the structural engineering team to bring your visions to life. For your next home remodeling project or to see how you can add value to your home, call PSE today.