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Why Hire a Structural Engineer?

A structural engineer is a professional responsible for ensuring that buildings are structurally sound. People hire structural engineers to inspect every structural aspect of a building to ensure it will withstand the loads placed on it and remain safe for occupants and users.

Structural engineers play a crucial role in building design, construction, and renovation. Without them, many buildings you see today would be at high risk of collapse. 

PSE Consulting Engineers, Inc. only hires engineers with exceptional technical competency, and we provide additional training to ensure our engineers can handle any building material or design our clients dream up.

What Do Structural Engineers Do?

Structural engineers are responsible for designing and analyzing the structural integrity and stability of buildings and other structures. These professionals are necessary to obtain the final stamp of approval before construction can begin on a building. 

The majority of architectural plans do not come construction-ready, meaning a structural engineer must be consulted for plan review and may modify the plans as necessary.

The structural engineering team at PSE Consulting Engineers can consult with you on a single aspect of your project, or we can handle the entire scope of multiple projects depending on your needs.

The Structural Engineering Process

General structural engineering services begin with a commercial or residential structural engineer calculating any lateral and vertical loads the building may encounter. Depending on the building’s location, these could include wind, snow, or seismic activity.

The engineer then chooses materials, designs, or construction methods that guarantee the building can resist these loads while staying within budget and maintaining the desired aesthetic.

However, a structural engineer’s job doesn’t stop once the plans are finalized. PSE Consulting Engineers’ construction management services include helping home and building owners with contractor bidding and proposals, reviewing plan changes during construction, and conducting periodic quality assurance checks.

In addition to handling structural engineering services for new residential, commercial, and industrial projects, we also offer engineering services for existing structures. Our structural engineers perform seismic, manufactured home, and foundation inspections and provide reports for home and commercial building owners. We also offer consulting services for additions and renovation projects.

The Importance of Hiring a Professional Commercial or Residential Structural Engineer

Structural engineers are integral to building design and construction for residential, commercial, and industrial building projects of all types. Whether you’re starting from scratch or already have designs and drawings, a structural engineer is there to ensure your vision comes to life safely.

Finding and selecting a structural engineer is about matching your needs to the engineering company’s expertise and offerings. At PSE Consulting Engineers, we offer the broadest range of services to ensure our clients get exactly what they want.

Our commercial and residential structural engineers are experts at helping you build green and sustainable projects. We are licensed in all 50 states and have knowledge and experience with traditional and sustainable building materials and techniques. When you need professional engineering services, we are here to help.

Looking for a Structural Engineer for Hire? Contact Us

Don’t plan your next new build or renovation project without consulting an experienced structural engineer to ensure the safety, integrity, and longevity of your property. Schedule a structural engineer consultation by contacting PSE Consulting Engineers today.