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We’re in the business of designing structures for the future, today.

Our Sustainable Structural Engineering Consulting Firm

When it comes to building green, PSE is an industry leader in sustainable design and engineering. We are one of the few firms in the U.S. who specialize in storage/cargo container and self-storage facility engineering. We offer commercial building design services, residential structural engineering, civil engineering services, municipal engineering, sustainable structural design, and many related services.

Our firm will work with you to make sure that your needs are met, even if it means rewriting the book on structural engineering along the way. We will oversee the entire process in a manner that is honest, economical, and efficient.

The goal of our firm is to balance your needs with available technology in order to meet your budget and schedule. Our portfolio includes sustainable building designs using ICF engineering, SIPs, light gauge steel, earthbag, bamboo, and structural fabrics.

Our experienced team of engineers grounds its approach in tradition, but you’ll see from our eco-friendly designs, we are not afraid to push the envelope to make any project more sustainable. We can design and engineer anything from tree houses to dome structures, to yurts. Our structural engineering firm can also help with seismic upgrades, solar panel systems, structural foundation design, and more.

From design and engineering to construction management or custom home design, we have your next green sustainable building covered.

You don’t have to be near our offices in Oregon to work with our team. We have a national presence and have worked across the country. Contact us today.

Watch our video to learn more about us.

Watch a light gauge steel home under construction.

Fortress Obetz

The largest container structure in the U.S.

Fortress Obetz Under Construction

Fortress Obetz is a 6,500 seat stadium located at the former site of Columbus Motor Speedway in Obetz, Ohio. It is planned to be a community asset to host many events including: farmers’ markets, trade shows, sporting events, concerts, and other community activities. The stadium will of course be the new home of the Major League Lacrosse team, Ohio Machine. Fortress Obetz Stadium is one of the most amazing projects PSE has ever been a part of. This large, one-of-a-kind structure is constructed completely out of shipping/cargo containers. It is one of the largest shipping/cargo container construction projects in the United States, incorporating over 100 containers. As you can see in the 3D renderings, there will be video boards, concessions, bathrooms and ticket sales, all incorporated into the main structure.

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Coast to Coast & Spanning the Globe

PSE carries licensing in ALL 50 U.S. States and four Canadian provinces


“It has been a pleasure working with you. You are always responsive, and your work is top-notch. You really make my job a lot easier. Thanks!”

Bob Biederman

Xtremehomes Director

“This is excellent and the cleanest structural plans I’ve seen yet. The simplicity and layout is fantastic. I really appreciate it. Thank you!”

Dr. Kathleen Liston, AIA

Architect and CEO, ECOOFSITE