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Benefits of a Log Home

You don’t have to be Abe Lincoln to appreciate the beauty of a log home. Drive through any neighborhood and you’re bound to see one or two beautiful log homes that stick out in their majesty against the brick and mortar cookie-cutter homes. Log homes are not only...

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Sustainable Construction World Wide

Engineers for the Future Structural Engineers face many challenges in this century, a big challenge is considering their impact on overall global environment. This is a priority when attempting any project, large or small, from residential homes, to incredible sky...

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Sustainable Home Building Materials

We all have heard or read about people all around the world trying to be as sustainable or “green” as possible, when building a home. I am going to go over some of the best materials that you can incorporate into building your new home. Keep in mind that even if the...

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Self-Storage Engineering and Design

Why is Self-Storage design important? The Self-Storage world is ever changing, to make sure your facility will keep up with the times, engineering and design of these facilities is key to success. Most self-storage construction is simple, this includes a concrete slab...

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What is a Structural Engineer?

Whether you have built a home, or have been a part of a project that involves building a structure of any kind, you may have heard the term Structural Engineer. Well what do they do? It's simple, really. They will analyze and design the structural components of...

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Sustainable Building Design

The specifics of what constitutes "green" construction are constantly evolving; however, there are several main features of sustainable building design that are universally accepted in the construction industry. Green construction must, first and foremost, preserve...

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