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In the business of designing structures for the future, today.

PSE has extensive experience in traditional structural engineering services; however, we have taken a definitive lead in sustainable commercial and industrial structural engineering, as well as green residential designs. We place your needs and preferences foremost- if it’s not in the book, we’ll work with it to meet all standards and add it to the book. We are dedicated to guiding our clients’ projects from beginning to completion in an honest, economical and efficient manner.

At PSE our goal is to balance our clients’ preferences with the available technology to meet their budget and scheduling needs. Grounded in tradition, we meet the future through innovation. PSE is dedicated to developing green alternatives for every project.

Coast to Coast & Spanning the Globe

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“It has been a pleasure working with you. You are always responsive, and your work is top-notch. You really make my job a lot easier. Thanks!” Bob Biederman

Xtremehomes Director

“This is excellent and the cleanest structural plans I’ve seen yet. The simplicity and layout is fantastic. I really appreciate it. Thank you!” Dr. Kathleen Liston, AIA

Architect and CEO, ECOOFSITE